Essential internet guide for renters

Moving house is such an enormous task that it's way up there on life's most stressful experiences. As a renter, you've got many things to do, but at the top of your list should be connecting to the Internet.

Pick a plan

Know what kind of speed you need. Are you just a casual scroller, or a family streaming and gaming on multiple devices at once? We can help you balance cost and speed when we chat. We have a great range of options available for all households and can help you score a great deal. 

Is there a modem there? 

Ask your landlord if there's a modem already installed that'll stay there. If not - you may need to get a new one from your provider or bring your own. Chat to us or your internet retailer on what kind of hardware you need, and whether they can offer it to you. 

Connecting to the nbn

If you've already installed an nbn connection at your rental home, you don't need the landlord's approval! All you'll need to do is choose a provider. Don't have an nbn connection? Your landlord will need to consent to have it connected.  Contact the real estate agent and property manager to start the ball rolling, but don't waste time on the phone to the nbn provider until you're sure you have the landlords consent .
Use this tool to see if your new address already has nbn.