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How do I book my services with Ten Ants?
Book in your move online or arrange for us to call you (and organise everything over the phone). Otherwise, you can contact us directly. We're around from Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm on 1800 015 699
I’ve booked my move what happens next?
Once we've verified the sale, you'll receive a confirmation email or SMS within 24 hours. Then it’s over to your retailer, who'll take it from there and keep you updated on progress.
Cancelling or updating your move application
We get it, things unexpectedly change. If you need to update or cancel your move application, give us a call between Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm on 1800 015 699

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How do we let a customer know when they are connected?
We'll send a confirmation via SMS and email to confirm we have booked the connection. Your retailer will communicate with you directly about your connection timeframes.
What energy providers do you have?
Choose your energy plans from recognised providers, Origin Energy, Sumo Energy or First Energy. 


What energy providers do you have?
Choose your energy plans from recognised providers, Origin Energy, Sumo Energy or 1st Energy.
Do I need to be home when my gas is connected?
Check with your new retailer, but mostly if they can access your gas meter easily, then you don’t need to be home.


What internet providers can I choose from?
Pick a reliable, fast, no lock-in contract from Origin Energy or Aussie Broadband.
What type of internet connection can I sign up to?
We offer nbnTM or fibre plans through Origin Energy or Aussie Broadband.
Which are the fastest internet plans you offer?
Check out the range of plans and choose the speed that suits your needs - if you’re into streaming, gaming and working from home - we’ll have a plan for you.
What deals do you have currently?
Origin Energy offer money saving deals, including a bundle offer when you combine energy and internet.


Ordering LPG starts with getting a quote.
We partner with Origin Energy to deliver LPG gas bottles straight to your door. Give us a call on 1800 015 699 to chat about your LPG order.
How do I work out what I need for my property?
Have a chat with the Origin LPG team about what you need. They can recommend bottle size, delivery, reordering and fill you in on their prices.


Which removalist companies do you use?
We’ve partnered with Muval to get you packed and then unpacked into your new place. Their service allows you to compare local and interstate removalists online, so you can pick the best price, add in your details and book your moving date.
What services do Muval offer?
They also have a range of helpful services including packing and unpacking of boxes, removal insurance and interstate pet and car transport.


Areas we supply water services.
We currently connect water to homes across Victoria.
Connecting you with water retailers.
We’ll find the right local water retailer for your area (Country and regional) and get your water connected.


Getting a solar quote from Origin Energy
Every property is unique and has different solar requirements. Origin Energy are a leading provider of solar in Australia and can help you find the right solar system and solar plan. To do this they need to know some details about your property and can do this over the phone with you.
Here are some advantages of switching to solar power
  • It’s a renewable energy source, so you are contributing to a healthier planet
  • Helps to reduce your energy bills over time as you tap into your own electricity generation
  • There are affordable options available to maintain your solar panels  – and keep them working optimally
  • Can help with the overall value of your property
  • Does Origin Energy have payment plans to help me pay for my solar system?
    They do. You can own an Origin solar system for your home with one of their tailored solar payment plan to suit your needs. Take advantage of their interest-free payment options and get solar for $0 upfront costs.
    Maintaining and keeping my solar system in tip top shape.
    Origin Energy have solar system maintenance support available to keep your panels at optimum level – so harness the power of the sun and produce energy.

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