Five sustainable tips for moving house

Moving house isn't just stressful and time-consuming; it can be when your good intentions to recycle and choose eco-friendly options go out the window.

Declutter before you pack

Moving is an excellent time to go through your stuff and get rid of things you no longer need. Because the less you pack, the better! Make four piles – keep, sell, donate, and recycle. You don't need to go all Marie Kondo and hug every single item, but if you declutter, you could:

- Shred no longer needed documents and dispose of them in recycling bins
- Earn extra cash by putting things you no longer need up for sale
- Recycle no longer useful phones, computers, and tablets.
- Donate items at your local op shop or charity facebook page  
Find your closest electronic recycling depot.
Not only will you feel warm and fuzzy by knowing your no longer wanted items are being used by people who need them, you'll also have less to pack and move into a clutter free home!.

Hire a moving truck

Fewer trips back and forth means fewer emissions! Instead of doing multiple trips in the car, hire yourself a truck through Uber Carshare or your local car hire company. Bunnings also does trailer hire which could be a cost-effective option. This is a simple but effective way to make your house move easier and smarter with a lower carbon footprint.

Stock up on second-hand boxes

Cardboard boxes – you either have too many of them on recycling night or not enough on packing day. 

- Browse your local Facebook pages, and you'll find at least one post offering free boxes for moving.
- Ask your local supermarket, hardware, or bottle shop if they've got spare boxes.
- Head to Bunnings and see if the have boxes available
- Say goodbye to your neighbours and hit the streets to gather more boxes   

Re-think bubble wrap

Once you've packed the cardboard boxes, it's time to take on the fragile items. Instead of reaching out for bubble wrap, why not opt for a zero-waste packing idea? Packing precious items like glassware, artwork, or plates with bath and tea towels before wrapping them in soft blankets. 

Use suitcases and gym bags to pack clothes, kitchen pots to store kitchen utensils and buckets for bathroom and laundry items.

Got a big bag of painting clothes you were going to throw away? Wrap your fragile items in them first.