Moving house? How to save money on energy bills

Moving house can wreak havoc with your budget. So, it makes sense to save money wherever you can. We've put together some of our favourite energy hacks to take control of your energy usage.

1. Switch off appliances at the wall

According to Canstar Blue, leaving your appliances in standby mode (where they're still plugged in at the wall with the power on) can cost you up to $100 per year. Got hard to reach appliance plugs you can't reach? By using smart plugs, you can switch off appliances at the click of a button.

2. Reduce your heater and increase your air conditioner temperature

During winter, a cosy warm house is a must-have. But the costs will add up quickly, with every degree over 20 degrees using around 10% more energy. Keeping the heater set between 18-20 degrees Celsius not only helps to beat the winter chill, but you'll have a healthier energy bill. When it comes to air conditioner settings, set it to 24°C or higher (as each degree under uses 5% more energy).

3. Block draughts and repair door seals

It's the perfect time to audit your new place for draughts. Any large gaps above or below doors, in window seals or air conditioning vents can cost you heaps in heating and cooling costs. Have a draught-hunting-and-sealing weekend with a few simple supplies from Bunnings.

- Door snakes
- New door seals for beneath the door
- Curtains to help seal off draughty windows
- Repairing faulty door seals.
- Weather strips to block up windows and doors
These cost-effective tip really can make a massive difference at bill time. 

5. Invest in a decent clothes airer

Whether it's an outside fixed washing line or inside over clothes horses, hanging washing out to dry instead of using a clothes dryer can save you a packet. 

Think about what kind of space you have for drying clothes at your new place, and get a new airer off Marketplace or Gumtree  to maximise the space.

6. Wash clothes in cold water

An oldie, but a goodie.

Did you know that around 90% of washing machine energy is used to heat water? Using cold water saves you money, and your clothes will be less prone to fading and shrinking.

7. Have shorter showers

There's nothing like a hot, steamy, and long shower on a cold winter's morning. But with an estimated 30% of households' water use being for showers and baths, it makes sense to cut back the time spent there. And if you cut back showers to four minutes, you could save up to $200 a year.

8. Choose energy-efficient appliances

We understand this isn't easy in this cost of living crisis, but if you have the means - it pays to pick up some new appliances. Paying attention to the Water Rating Labels and Energy Rating Labels can help you save energy and reduce energy bills.  You could try selling your old appliances first so you only have to chip in a portion of the cost.

9. Switch your light bulbs to LEDs

Before you get lights on at your new home, make sure as many as possible are replaced with LEDs. Swapping your light bulbs to LEDs can save up to 80% on lighting costs. Certainly worth considering!