Should you DIY or move with professionals?

Moving house can take a lot of time and even more money. So how can you decide if you should DIY or move with professionals? We've put the pros and cons together!

Moving yourself 


- Can keep costs down
- You're totally in control of the schedule and can't be delayed by third parties
- You'll treat your belongings with care and understand which ones are fragile or have sentimental value 


- Takes a lot of time and effort
- Can result in injury or damage to items if heavy things aren't lifted correctly
- Takes longer than if a professional would do it
- Might not be that much cheaper when you factor in truck hire, packing material and transit insurance

Getting professional movers


- Less effort and stress, great if you're time poor   
- Professionals know the best ways to prevent breakage, lift heavy objects and prevent marks on walls
- Most professional movers have insurance that covers the cost of breakages during the move - so you have more piece of mind 


- Costs a bit extra
- You'll have to trust others with your items 

The verdict

All in all, moving house yourself is like doing your own taxes. It's fine, and you'll do a good job - but you probably would get more back with fewer effort if you pay a bit more for an accountant.

If you're time-poor, can can afford professional movers or packers it's definitely worthwhile. Then you can focus on better things, like finding your new local cafe or watering hole. 

Ready to move? Professional help could cost less then you think. Get in touch for a quote.  
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