A stress-free guide to moving house

Get some Zen on moving day with these simple tips and tricks.

Declutter before you go!

Tidy house, tidy mind - that's what Mummy Ant used to say. 

If you're like most people, you'll have a bunch of stuff you either don't need, haven't used for ages, or don't want anymore. To save time and energy during your house move, set aside half a day to declutter every room in your house using this list:

- Clothes: Sort your clothes and shoes into four piles, keep, recycle, sell, and donate.
- Books: Scan your bookshelves and decide what ones to keep, give away or donate to your local neighbourhood book library.
- Kid's stuff: Moving house is an excellent time to sort through toys and clothes. Donate unused toys to the local library and post unwanted clothes onto Facebook communities.
- Fridge and freezer: The less food you've got to move, the better! Clearing out your fridge and freezer before you move allows you to use frozen meals and cook up older veggies and fruit into smoothies and soups.

Pack 'first-night' bags and boxes

Want to feel calm and collected on the first night in your new home? Pack bags for each family member with a change of underwear, clothes for the 2nd day, pyjamas, toothbrushes, and bath towels.

In the kitchen box, pack a kettle, mugs for tea and coffee, snacks, biscuits, bananas, and apples. Pack toilet paper, hand sanitiser, pump soap, hand towels, shampoo and conditioner, hairbrushes, and toothpaste for the bathroom box.

Ask friends and family to help out

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by moving everything yourself, reach out to friends and family and ask for a hand. In return for their help, offer them a dinner voucher, bottles of their favourite wine or the promise of pizza and drinks after the move.

Work out where your big stuff belongs

Make it easy for yourself and the moving company by knowing where you want things to go. Before moving day, ask the estate agent for floor plans, preferably with measurements. This will help you envisage where the couch, beds, tables, and chairs will go.

Let someone else do the heavy lifting

If only there was someone who could organise your move for you...for free. Wait - that's us! We'll get your utilities connected like power and the Internet before you move into your new home. Take a load off, partner. We've got it from here.
Take the stress out of your move